Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So long

Today seemed to drag on forever. I only had 2 patients at work, both in the morning. Had a 2 hour meeting at lunch--I was talked into joining the employee council. Only did paperwork/computer work (i.e. fix people's mistakes) in the afternoon. Oh, and slowly work my way through the sisterwives blog. Exciting, no? Thank God I'm not paid per patient :-/

For dinner I decided to make chicken taco chili...I've been trying so many new recipes that haven't been favorites, and it discourages me. This turned out great, as usual, and everyone enjoyed it + the tortilla land tortillas. Even enough leftovers for both Tom and I have lunch tomorrow.

I didn't nothing else tonight, even though I still have 1 pesky class to finish (fuck only 2 weeks left :-/), and I need to start working out routinely.

Maybe tomorrow???

Ps. This is how Jake and Clara decided to change Annalise's diaper....

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