Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'll preface this by saying I like working. I enjoy what I do, for the most part. The things I don't like at work are things extraneous to my actual job. Sometimes it makes the hours I spend at work unbearable, and other times it has no bearing.
But I wish I didn't have to work.
  • I wish that I could be at home for a year or two, only working casually until I felt ready to be back at it full time.
  • I wish I could be the one to be with Annalise when she's running a fever and pathetic, the one to go to all of the special lunches and events at Clara's school, the one who picked jake up everyday.
  • I wish I had time to bake and cook as much as I felt like, go to the gym without taking away from family time, to keep the house clean without being tired from already being gone 10 hours.
  • I wish I had time to create.
But I don't. And life goes on. Just not exactly as I'd like it to.

 Making cupcakes with Amanda
Wearing sisters shades

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

This week flew by. I hope that doesn't mean the weekend will be over before I blink :-/

Annalise has been a sick girl :( makes me wish I was home with her instead of working everyday.

A Physicist came and performed the yearly tests on the CT scanner at work, everything was perfect.

Didn't finish testing the new EHR yet, but will next week. I hope.

Made tasty cupcakes that didn't win the cupcake contest at work. They totally should have :( boo. I mean they're thin mint with mocha buttercream! Hello!

Still haven't finished this whole budgeting thing for our financial class. It makes me sad.

Now, that's all out of my system, time to start enjoying the weekend. I'll start with a oj and whipped vodka. Yay!

Monday, February 11, 2013

What weekend?

Another crazy weekend, over in a flash.
  • My sister and nephew (cara and killian) came up for the weekend Friday afternoon, they showed up before I was home from work.
  • Celebrated my dad's birthday party Friday night, which means my brother was in town, as well as my aunts.
  • Clara slept over at my folks house on Friday, with cara and Killian.
  • Saturday morning Tom had to work, plus jake had an all day boy scout thing so it was just Annalise and I until Clara's basketball game in the afternoon.
  • Saturday evening we were at my folks house again.
  • Sunday morning we were up early, Clara had cheerleading at 830am.
  • Once that was over we killed time in Portland with a cranky Annalise. Ended the day with dinner at chuck e cheese with the inlaws.
  • Finally got home at 930pm.
I feel like today is Friday, not Monday. I hate it when the week start this way.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ok so here's the deal

I'm a slacker. Just getting that out of the way now.

Thursday I finished my final project for my last class for my degree. I haven't gotten the results yet, but I only needed about a 50% to get at least a C in the class...that's all I care about (slacker, remember?).

Even tho I didn't spend THAT much time on homework, I always felt guilty if I was doing something else. The stress was stupid crazy. So now that I'm done, I can do whatever I want!

Yay! I finished a stuffed turtle I was making for Annalise. I've done some baking. I've done lots of cooking. I'm starting an embroidery thing tonight. Basically I'm doing whatever I want. Such a weird feeling ;)

Here's the turtle. And I'll probably share more completed things in the future.