Monday, March 25, 2013


Took Percocet for a sore tooth. Helped me sleep at first (plus kicked the pains ass) but now I'm wide awake. Don't have to be up for 3 hours, and I'll be so goddamn tired when 630 rolls around. Boo.

Had a good weekend. Made lots of yummy food. Chicken fried rice and steak yaki soba on Friday night. Chicken apple salad on Saturday night. Thai chicken wraps for lunch Sunday, and then Thai chicken/peanut sauce yaki soba noodles for Sunday night dinner.

Never made banana bread as I planned . I'll have the nanny do it today!

Went to a park with new play ground equipment, all 3 kids had fun!

Have plans for an art project with Clara tonight. Will take pics if it turns out.

Ok trying to fall back to sleep now...

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