Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

  • I'm always so excited it almost Friday, when Thursday rolls around. This week even more so, since I worked Sunday as well.

  • I attend weight watchers on Thursdays. I'm totally having a gain this week. Not excited about it and I want to not go because of it :-/ but....I will go and hope for the best. Goddamn whipped vodka 3 nights this last week! ;)

  • In order to stay motivated, I'm making a written list of things I want to accomplish. While pinterest is great for ideas, it doesn't help me prioritize what I'd like to do. So I have a "craft/DIY" list, a cooking list, and a sewing list. Oh, and a cleaning/organizing list. I like lists.

  • Tom and I have been doing this financial class, Financial Peace University. I'll just put it out there--I attend church very occasionally, Tom does not. This is a church based program. Even so, it's been very helpful and motivating on the money front. I'd like to retire eventually, and I think we're getting on the right track. We only have 1 class left, and I'm going to kinda miss it...

  • The kids spring break started today. Thanks to conferences and a furlough day, they don't go back until April 2nd. I've been trying to plan things for them to do, that Annalise can attend as well. It's kind of tricky, but luckily I have the best nanny in the world. She'll make it work :)

  • My boss is going to do my review this weekend. I don't think I've been as much of a team player as I could have been. Errr should have been. Hoping for a huge raise. Haha. Who am I kidding...I'll be lucky to get 3%...

Ok back to work. Gotta keep up appearances.
Ps I'm trying to figure out how to link up to a blog, but am clueless. It's for it doesn't help that I'm typing this via the blogger iPhone app...


  1. You are funny! Blogger should be able to easily link. Highlight what you want to link and there should be like a little paperclip!

    Thanks for (sort of) linking up ;)

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