Monday, February 11, 2013

What weekend?

Another crazy weekend, over in a flash.
  • My sister and nephew (cara and killian) came up for the weekend Friday afternoon, they showed up before I was home from work.
  • Celebrated my dad's birthday party Friday night, which means my brother was in town, as well as my aunts.
  • Clara slept over at my folks house on Friday, with cara and Killian.
  • Saturday morning Tom had to work, plus jake had an all day boy scout thing so it was just Annalise and I until Clara's basketball game in the afternoon.
  • Saturday evening we were at my folks house again.
  • Sunday morning we were up early, Clara had cheerleading at 830am.
  • Once that was over we killed time in Portland with a cranky Annalise. Ended the day with dinner at chuck e cheese with the inlaws.
  • Finally got home at 930pm.
I feel like today is Friday, not Monday. I hate it when the week start this way.

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