Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

This week flew by. I hope that doesn't mean the weekend will be over before I blink :-/

Annalise has been a sick girl :( makes me wish I was home with her instead of working everyday.

A Physicist came and performed the yearly tests on the CT scanner at work, everything was perfect.

Didn't finish testing the new EHR yet, but will next week. I hope.

Made tasty cupcakes that didn't win the cupcake contest at work. They totally should have :( boo. I mean they're thin mint with mocha buttercream! Hello!

Still haven't finished this whole budgeting thing for our financial class. It makes me sad.

Now, that's all out of my system, time to start enjoying the weekend. I'll start with a oj and whipped vodka. Yay!

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