Friday, April 12, 2013

Almost the middle of April

Once again, time is just flying on by.

This weekend we only have 1 baseball game tomorrow.  That's it.  Next Saturday I'm fucked.  Tom works, Jake has a baseball game, Clara and Jake both have basketball games, and I'm organizing a road clean up session.  WTF--stupid me.

This weekend I plan on cleaning the kitchen to include organizing the dishes and pots and pans cupboards and drawers.  I plan on baking at least 1 loaf of bread, probably zucchini bread (Clara's favorite).  Not sure what I'll be cooking.  The last few things I've made were meh, so I'm not feeling really motivated :(  I have a chicken thighs.  Probably going to BBQ them.  Super exciting.

Annalise had her 15 month appointment today.  She is 31" long, 21lbs 4oz, and doing really well.  She had 2 shots (we are doing an odd shot schedule so she never has to have more than 2), and didn't cry for either.  And managed to peel her bandaids off shortly after they were placed.  She likes coming to visit me at work, and when we go visit everyone, I hear 100 times "She is such a doll/she looks exactly like you/holy crap she's 15 months already!"  Crazy ;-)  She still isn't talking much, but she's starting to imitate conversations more so I have a feeling actual words will commence soon!

My sister brought my nephew up to visit yesterday.  So fun to see Annalise and Killian playing together--they are 8 weeks apart.  Killian is a big fan of patting Annalise's head and hugging her.  They fall over a lot.  Luckily they're only an hour away so we see them fairly regularly :)  This was from the end of January.  I haven't uploaded pics from yesterday--the camera is in the car (please don't steal it!) and it just started pouring.  Not going out right now...

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