Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

  • Not too much going on around here, except for baseball, basketball x2, girl scouts, and boy scouts.  That's all.
  • I waited until the last minute to file our taxes, and now I want the refund ASAP.  Can't remember why I waited so long. Hmm.
  • The weather is finally changing to more nice days and fewer not nice days (knock on wood) but it's still freaking FREEZING sitting through a 2+ hour baseball game at 6pm.  It's windy as all get out, and Annalise has little ice cube hands.
  • It feels like Friday.  Hate it when I'm off by a day.
  • Jury duty on Monday.  Wonder if I'll actually get called in?  Either way it kind of sucks, beacuse I block my schedule at work.  If I don't get called in, I still have to come to work, and then I'll have nothing to do.
  • Earth day is on Monday, so we're going to do some street cleaning on Saturday.  It happens to be right during a baseball game, but I'll somehow make it work.
  • Last weekend I tried some new recipes.  This weekend I think I'm sticking with more classics.  I do want to try some variations though.  I'll be sure to link pinterest recipes I use.
  • First the bombing, then the fertilizer plant explosion.  The funny thing is, the bombing will get and got MUCH more press, but which was more deadly and which was actually more likely?  It's like car accidents vs. plane crashes....
  • I think Tom and I are going out this weekend.  I should probably try to find a babysitter.  We'll have to go to our favorite bar, but I think we're going to try a new resturant.
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  1. I love your idea for Monday. I noticed some trash in the neighborhood and I think we'll get out there this weekend and clean it up!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom