Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts
Linking up from Jennifer's blog
  • Still trying to adjust to Tom's new schedule.  Not so fun only having 1 day off with him, and last week didn't even get that due to my picking up an extra shift at the hospital.
  • Baseball season is in full swing now.  Practice and games 4 days a week.  The shitty part?  Games are scheduled every Monday and Saturday, which are both days Tom works.  So guess who misses the majority of the games?  And guess who has to wrangle the baby on her own so she doesn't really get to WATCH the games? Yeah.  Kinda sucky.
  • Last night was our last Financial Peace University class.  It was the "Jesus Class"...Tom didn't attend, as we weren't told ahead of time that the nursery would be closed, so when we showed up, poor Annalise would have had to sit through the class.  Totally not going to happen.  She sits for like 3.5 seconds at a time.
  • Going on the above--we now need to sit down and figure out the basics...most important to me is what is the earliest possible date that I could retire? Ha.
  • I've been trying to find new recipes to try out.  Even though I'm cooking almost every night, it's the same things with slight variations.  Totally yummy and usually weight watcher friendly,  BUT kinda boring.
  • The baby sitter starts watching another baby today.  I'm a little sad...Now Annalise is going to have to share her attention, but Annalise loves this other baby (for now ;-)) so I hope it's okay? Plus the big kids are exited to have the baby there before and after school.
  • I have a list of things I want to create.  I'm going to try to do ONE a week.  Maybe on Sunday nights/Monday mornings I'll share what I did?
  • I haven't been reading as much as I planned on.  Only 2 books so far this year.  So much for 1 per week.  I'm almost done with #3 and I already started #4.  Maybe I'll change my goal to 24 books for the year? That seems totally doable.
  • I tried to reset my phone last night.  After finally getting the new pictures to transfer and DELETE from my phone, it updated and reset everything EXCEPT it didn't delete the other 2300 pictures.  It did delete all of my apps.  I can't manually delete that many pictures, then I have to look at them and ooooh and aaaahhh over them, and want to save them.  It never works.  Hopefully will have it fixed by tonight.
  • That is all for today.  Not many deep thoughts at 8am, I'm TIRED.


  1. Found you over at Ramblings today. Love your blog title and your about me. I a little older and my kids are younger. But I too need to lose wait, love to laugh, run around with my kids and enjoy being an individual person. And as for reading - you are WAY ahead of me. I've finished half a book. :-) Nice to meet you.

    1. I'm glad you popped in! I'm pretty inconsistant about posting, but trying to get better :) I used to blog often, years ago, and am looking forward to getting back into it.

      Nice to meet you as well!

  2. I manually deleted like 3000 pictures the other way. I am scared to do it any other way. What if I lose all my pictures???

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. I have such a hard time when I see the cute newborn baby chubby face. I can't delete. AGGGG. Or any of the other adorable pictures. We won't even talk about videos. I finally convinced myself that by having them on youtube, dropbox, in my email in box AND on my laptop was enough copies of it, that I wouldn't lose them all...

      I guess I just need to do it. :-/